Bridge and Tunnel
Season 1, Episode 2
Agent-Carter-Wiki Bridge and Tunnel 001
Air date January 6, 2015
Written by Eric Pearson
Directed by Joseph V. Russo
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Now is Not The End
Time and Tide

Bridge and Tunnel is the second episode in the ABC mini-series Marvel's Agent Carter. It first aired in the United States on January 6, 2015 as the second half of the two hour premiere event.


Carter goes undercover once again in search of the truck full of nitramene bombs that Brannis made off with. She tracks down the address of the truck's official driver, but S.S.R. agents interrogate the Roxxon scientist who weaponized the nitramine, Miles Van Ert, and learn the truck's location as well. Carter and Jarvis arrive first, find Brannis, and force him to go with them. In no time, they are attacked by a Leviathan operative, Leviathan being the organization that Brannis has betrayed. Carter attempts to protect Brannis from the man, but he still winds up fatally wounded. Jarvis forces the truck to careen off a cliff before jumping to safety with Carter and Brannis as the attacker and the truck full of nitramine implode in a brilliant flash. Brannis sketches a symbol in the dirt before he dies, and Carter wipes it away after committing it to memory. Agents Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa arrive only to find the aftermath of the incident: Brannis's body, a woman's footprints, and a hotel key (belonging to the Leviathan operative). Back at the twisted remains of the Roxxon refinery implosion, Agent Krzemenski, fishes out the rear bumper and license plate of Stark's car that Jarvis and Carter escaped the blast in.

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